Support Guide

This page provides support tips on how to perform certain actions based on the design of this template.
Editing navigation menu

A quick guide on how to display the navigation menu and add more menu options.

1. Display the "Menu"

  1. Go to the "Navigator" on the left
  2. Expand "Body Inner" and "Body Content" blocks
  3. Double click on "Menu" to edit component
Navigator panel
  • Go to the "Position" section of the "Styles" panel on the right
  • Change the value of negative 50.05% to 0% to display menu
  • Edit menu options as desired

**Note**: Return the "Position" left value back to negative 50.05% after editing menu.

Styles panel (Position)

2. Add more options (links) to the "Menu"

  • Display the menu by following the steps in (1)
  • Expand the three blocks (Menu: "-Body", "-List" & "-Item")
Navigator (Menu Items)
  • Copy and paste any of the blocks labeled "Menu Item Wrap"
  • Edit new menu option as desired
  • Link option to the appropriate page

**Note**: ONLY the first item in the "Menu Item" block MUST have the combo class "First Child".

Navigator  (Menu Item Link)

To add combo class

  • Expand the first "Menu Item Wrap" block
  • Select "Menu Item Link"
  • Add "First Child" combo class in the "Style Selector"
Style panel (Style selector)